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The World Market for Gas Flow Measurement

A Proposal for a New Market Study from Flow Research


This page contains a proposal for a new market study from Flow Research on gas flow measurement. We are circulating this proposal in hopes of getting enough support to conduct the study. If you are interested in the study, please contact Jesse Yoder at Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200.

Flow Research is proposing a new market study on the worldwide gas flow measurement market.  The study would be conducted by Flow Research, and would have as a goal determining the market size in 2003 of various technologies used to measure gas flow.  In addition, forecasts through 2008 would be included.

The study has multiple purposes:

  • To determine market size and market shares for all types of flowmeters used to measure gas flow worldwide.

  • To forecast market growth in flowmeters used to measure gas flow through 2008.

  • To understand how the different types of flowmeters used to measure gas flow stack up against each other.

  • To identify industries and applications where different flow technologies are competing, and where they are complementary

  • To update information on the impact of industry approvals that are affecting the market (e.g., AGA-9).

  • To better understand the interaction of new-technology flowmeters (ultrasonic, Coriolis, vortex, thermal) with traditional meters (DP, turbine, PD).

  • To provide strategies to manufacturers for selling into the gas flow measurement market

  • To provide company profiles of the main suppliers of gas flow measurement flowmeters.

The study will most likely be divided into the following regions:

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Japan

  • Asia without Japan

  • Rest of World

The following types of flowmeters will be included in the study:

  • Coriolis

  • Ultrasonic

  • Vortex

  • Thermal

  • Differential pressure

  • Positive displacement

  • Turbine

In addition, variable area meters may be included if there is sufficient demand for this.

The study will most likely identify certain application areas that are especially important.  These potentially include:

  • Custody transfer of natural gas

  • Check metering and non-custody-transfer applications for natural gas flow measurement

  • Process gas measurement

  • Stack flow gas measurement

  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) flow measurement

  • Utility applications

  • Low gas flow measurement

  • Airflow measurement

  • Flare gas measurement

It will be especially interesting to look at certain applications where technologies are competing.  This includes:

  • Ultrasonic vs. Turbine vs. DP for custody transfer of natural gas

  • Thermal vs. DP for stack flow gas measurement

  • Coriolis vs. Turbine for CNG flow measurement

It will also be especially interesting to understand how Coriolis meters and thermal meters relate to each other.  Coriolis meters are used for high accuracy measurements, and thermal flowmeters excel in measuring low flows, including airflow.  In what industries and applications do they compete, and where are they complementary?  This study will attempt to answer this question.

Flow Research has completed a series of ten studies that include all types of flowmeters.  Information about these studies is at http://www.flowresearch.com/flow.htm.  This new study will go beyond previous studies by providing updated information to 2003, and by comparing the different technologies as they are used for gas flow measurement.  This study should be of special interest to any manufacturer of flowmeters used to measure gas flow.


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